Just when we think we’ve seen it all, Uonuon appeared to shake up the scene (pronounced one-one). Manufactured by 14ora but to be carried locally by Thomposon Tile, this self-described “pop-wood” blends the simplicity of screen-printing with the inherently variable aesthetic of wood-grains. Sold in 8”x 48”planks, this collection is strong on style and statement. Several solitary colors would be appropriately at home in a contemporary interior or combining multiple colors would be just as fitting in a salvaged-rustic presentation. One thing is sure with this line… the opportunities for a unique installation are endless.

"uonuon® is about the decorative emotion of wood intertwined with a series of materials and top workmanship. It is a versatile program that starts from a bare minimum, which is then enriched with finishes and esteemed elements that are destined to create highly valuable functional/aesthetic contemporary projects." - from 14ora