Whether it is just off the media room or tucked into a hallway, powder bathrooms are often a popular spot in our homes today. Because of the room’s compact square footage, homeowners are able to inject a dose of style without breaking the bank, even using higher-end materials that might normally be out of reach. There are several elements to consider while planning this statement room, so here are a few ideas to get you started.

Vanity – Because storage is not as important in powder rooms compared to a full bath, look for an alternative way to support your sink. Floating vanities offer a weightless visual and open up floor space below. If a cabinet is preferable, think about finishing it with a pop of paint, or a colorful patterned laminate. Also, don’t rule modifying a piece of furniture to capture a special style that resonates with the rest of your home.

Mirror – One word here… scale. A larger mirror will make your space appear bigger, and can even visually heighten your space. Bringing in a framed mirror, or applying trim over a standard frameless can be a great way to add dimension.

Lighting – Because people less likely be applying cosmetics or flossing their teeth in your powder room, using a lower level of illumination is acceptable. Look for a fixture with indirect lighting to avoid the “interrogation room” effect. Flanking each side of the mirror, or even incorporating lighting into the mirror can be a sleek way to light your space.

Countertop - Your countertop is another great surface to showcase style. However, consider the amount of water that could come in contact with your countertop, meaning if you do modify a piece of furniture into a vanity it’s important to protect the top as it likely wasn’t designed to be waterproof. Stone fabricators usually have a stock of smaller remnant pieces in a variety of colors and materials, often at a savings to you as they are left over from previous jobs. Other countertop options might include metal, concrete, or laminate.

Sink & Faucet – Touted as the jewelry of the house, your fixtures can speak volumes about your style. Because faucets can be changed with relative ease, some homeowners are willing to be a bit more daring when selecting finishes for their powder bath. Unique sink shapes and vessels are becoming increasingly more popular, but require advance planning with plumbing.

Flooring – With such a small space (typically around 15 square feet) splurging on a higher-end flooring material like a mosaic or stone can be an affordable treat.

Accent Wall – Depending on the layout of your powder bath, incorporating an accent wall can be a fantastic small-space statement. Extending a backsplash tile up to the ceiling, or installing a punchy wallpaper can seriously change the tone of your room.