The dog had it right. Curling up into a tiny ball, perfectly positioned to enjoy the patch of sunlight filtering through the window onto your cozy carpet.

The same sun that provides this warming radiant heat can also create issues in our homes. We're well aware of the damaging effects UV rays can have on our skin, but few of us stop to think about UV exposure inside of our homes. Although many newer windows can reduce UV rays (Low-E glass filters 60% of UV rays), there is still a significant opportunity for UV rays to penetrate and damage to our interiors. 

We've answered a few common questions in regards to UV damage in the home.

Q: I've noticed discolored areas on my flooring and furniture, could it be from UV exposure? 

Yes, discoloration usually is caused by over exposure of UV rays. Often, artwork, furniture, and flooring can be affected causing irreversible fading or discoloration. This can cause headaches down the road for several reasons, but it is especially noticeable should you ever decide to rearrange the layout of your space. 

Q: What is the best way to prevent discoloration from happening again?

 The best way to find out if it could be UV rays that is causing the fading is to look into your window coverings you currently have and see if you can locate the UV rating. The higher the rating the better protection your window covering will do at protecting your floor covering. 

Q: Can installing blinds or window coverings help this issue? If so, what style of window coverings are the best for protecting against UV rays?

Yes window coverings are a wonderful way to protect from UV rays, and insulation from the elements. Honeycomb shades add the most protection but there are a lot of options for that special design you might be looking to create and still protect from UV rays.

Q: Does an inside or outside mounted window blind product affect the amount of sunlight and heat coming into my room?

The most ideal location for a window covering is an inside mount. This provides the highest performance ratings against UV & thermal exposure

If you currently do not have window coverings give us a call at 509-328-6736 and we will gladly give you information on window coverings that will protect your interiors from UV rays. We have several options to reccomend that offer both practical and decorative features to keep your home comfortable and protected for years to come.

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