Inspired by the signature look of handmade terra cotta tiles commonly associated with historic Italian design, Arto Brick brings rustic elegance to the US market bearing a unique twist.

Stair treads & risers

Arto Brick has been hand-making tiles in California since the 60’s, however their recipe and approach has evolved over time. Once intent on replicating terra cotta tiles from clay using traditional methods of kiln firing, rising energy costs caused Arto Brick to create a lower energy alternative, this time using concrete.

Concrete composition with various surface textures

With a new recipe in hand, and renewed interest in production, Arto Brick debuted their concrete “terra cotta style” tiles, combining the hearty material properties of concrete with the warmth and elegance of traditional terra cotta.

Their current line is anchored by traditional tile options, however Arto Brick also carries several products that lean towards a contemporary aesthetic, creating a compelling contrast between rustic handmade and clean lines. 

We see the opportunities for installation being endless, bridging both indoor and exterior applications—which would not be recommended with traditional clay terra cotta tiles. Flooring, backsplashes, showers, poolside, patio, and even commercial installations are just some of the options available with Arto Brick.

Concrete composition allows for Northwest winter weather

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