Fire has long been at the center of domestic life in every culture. Providing not only a necessary source of warmth, but also the heat to cook and bake foods for daily life. Today, in the Pacific Northwest, many homes are still designed to include fireplaces, relying now on their warmth and comfort, rather than a standard cooking method. 

A crackling fire still has an inexplicable allure, capable of drawing a crowd. Fireplaces remain a prominent design element, often dictating furniture placement & floor plans geared towards gathering and relaxing. As they are commonly the focal point of living rooms today, we’ve provided a few examples of ways to accentuate the fireplace in your home.

  • Surround - This method uses a design within the confines of wood trim & the mantle. Using field tile, decorative liners, and assorted smaller tiles to create a charming pattern in this craftsman-style home. This combination approach allows for endless options to customize, and great flexibility for any budget. 

Decorative liners & tiles blend with field tile to create a special design

Hearth tile matches field tile

Field tile, decorative tile, hearth tile in the same color, different sizes


  • Rock & Stone cladding - Whether you select a natural stone veneer or manufactured composite panels, the look & feel of rock surrounding your fireplace can really make a statement. With variations of texture, color, and size, there's plenty of room for a traditional or contemporary look. 

Natural stone veneer

Natural stone veneer & granite hearth

Manufactured stone veneer 

  • Full wall install - For the most dramatic effect, consider a fire place design that takes advantage of your room's height. Installing tile from the floor to the ceiling creates a strong statement. Recessing or bumping out the surround will help define your fireplace even more. Add lighting for the ultimate effect.

From the floor to the ceiling, this fireplace is a major element in this room

Tiled wall fireplace

Lighting makes a full wall installation even more dramatic